This is my background. After many years adhering to a “job” I’ve applied my experience and education to my calling.

  • Certified Reiki Master
  • 4 years of extensive training & global involvement in Positive Psychology based Life Coaching
  • 18 years in higher education as counselor, adviser and Professor
  • Master’s degree in Community Psychology
  • PhD, abd in General Psychology. Final doctoral study on well-being and belonging to an special interest organization.
  • Doctoral level Researcher
  • Published 4 full length books in both fiction and non-fiction.
  • Edited and published 2 others.

Workshop Training:

  • Clarifying
  • Transitions
  • Pursuing Professional Passion
  • Balance Personal & Professional Identity
  • Making peace with Anxiety or other mental illness
  • Post Traumatic Stress vs. Post Traumatic Growth
  • Love what you do & Like yourself daily

Coming soon:

Clarity: A love Story (Karen Daly)

Somebody: Speaking of 50 (Karen Henry)

the UnWise Owl Companion (Karen Henry Daly)


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