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Lucy. Love yourself represents a writer and artist who expresses herself through whimsy and fun. The evolution is described in the first installment of the UnWise Owl Companion.

That is how we build our world. One brick at a time. A successful woman uses the bricks thrown at her by her offenders to build an entirely new life.

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The UnWise Owl and Murray’s companion is all about Comfort & Joy. The evolution has found a forever home, but no truly great journey is without road blocks, pot holes, bumps, hard days of rain, and soft days of clarity.


I know why I went through so much heartache, darkness, fear, anxiety, and trauma. I know that mountain now. I’ve been called to help others navigate the terrain of change.

A whole person understands the balance.


I’ve been busy over this past year. Opening the UnWise Owl featuring the writing of Karen Daly has been building the foundation.

Now, to build the empire on that foundation. I’ve just opened Henry Healing, a holistic health and wellness center. I now specialize in Reiki ~ Coaching ~ Life & Death Doula.

Just to be clear, I’ve found a way to enjoy my creative side as a fiction writer and artist while also working on helping and healing with my academic training.

Why do both?

Because I want to. has chosen to donate 20% of all sales of books & art to local charities that provide direct care to women and children.


I’ve also opened a Facebook page for the Henry Healing. You’re welcome to follow.

Life has a funny way of forcing us to take a good, long, hard look at ourselves.

I for one am forever grateful for climbing the Mt. Everest of emotional roller coasters. The good, the bad, the ugly, the stupid, the holy shit that sucks, and then… the gentler, kinder, sweeter experiences that settled on my shoulder to introduce me to my angels.

This is life. A whole person approach to celebrating the fact that

  1. We can do anything we want
  2. We can find our courage in our creativity
  3. We can be peace loving beings who also say f*ck a lot.
  4. Above all else, a great sense of humor heals all wounds.

Friday the 10th, I’m hosting a Facebook Live event from 7 pm to 9 pm to launch the virtual Henry Healing business. You’re welcome if your nice. I’ll block you if your naughty.


It’s all…. all of it …. about Comfort & Joy, Kindness & Love, Peace & Productive People.

p.s…. the meme’s are all saved to the UnWise Owl Companion on my Pinterest page.


Social and Media

The world is a very big place. We’re both in all of it, while also detached to the point where the human psyche is changing completely.

This is my little corner of it. I’ve reached people and places far and wide. My home is in my heart. I have found the road map toward balance.Green, Everyone has a history..jpg

The adventure of a lifetime now makes way for a new dawn, a new day, a new life….. and I’m feeling good.

I’m also here to continue to share, but I’ve adjusted my sails to find my stars.

This is the first page of a new novel.

The rest is yet to come ….







Every image I share, I also save to Pinterest @ the UnWise Owl Companion. Our window on the world. Our postcards from the edge.

2017 is our year of healing, awakening, and envisioning how we can live better lives.






Stillness & the practice of Reiki

If you’ve ever met me in person, you’d think, “she’s a Reiki Master now?” Say what???

Yep. I’m not a still person. Hyper as they come on occasion, though cutting down on coffee really helps that. No, I won’t be giving it up, pft! Are you mad?!!! 🙂 It’s my only vise at the moment.

I’m me, being me and for the first time in 50 years, super happy to live authentically, without apologies or excuses, or bending my own methodology for living life to someone else’s script. This is the freedom of the open cage door.

What I am? What I’ve fought hard for? What I’ve achieved through mastery? To be calm in the chaos. I have found my Zen in the chaos of my life.

I am peaceful through pain in my journey trough the rain. I am connected and co-created through my spiritual journey. I am a hard earned thriver with grit, determination, blood, sweet and tears.

No one discipline can define the total human experience. No human untouched by suffering can ever know the pure bliss of empathy, compassion, deep appreciation for life itself. We either sit in the darkness or seek out the light.

And I do it all through my passion for finding what I was searching for. Peace.

Now, I bring it to others. That body of knowledge collected over two decades of a 25 year journey.


Please feel free to join my journey through what I like to think of as post cards of sharing and caring over on my Pinterest pages (Instagram to follow).

Also, if you’re interested in Distance Reiki, I’ll be posting how you can contact me for that this weekend. We’re still shopping for the perfect face to face space for now. And I don’t do door to door. Though way back in my girl scout phase, I owned those cookies like a boss! The old fashioned way. By myself, on foot, without my parent’s workplace to help me.

I’m a real life, authentic, old school, DIY sort of girl, and I’m damn proud of it.

Warm Wishes from the house of the UnWise Owl!


In case you missed it … hosts the web version of the UnWise Owl Companion (January 1, 2017). It’s a never ending story of living life to the fullest. Everyone’s talking about it, but the walk through the land of knowledge means experiencing it. To be conscious of one’s own strengths and limitations, embracing both, is to free one’s soul from the cage.

Zen paying attention.jpg Welcome to my Pinterest pages:


The new home of the UnWise Owl Co.

new-pathThe journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. When we begin a journey, no matter what map we use or how much we plan, the path itself also offers challenges that are not always known or easy to navigate.

The same is true for a business. And a life. If a person has everything they want, or are given all that they wish, they may be feeling blessed. What happens if someone else comes along and puts up a road block. Or burns down their metaphorical house? That is what happened to me. My house of cards was burned beyond recognition.

Our world can act as a conduit for the easy path, or as a road block. Those who navigate the roadblocks or challenges of life, have the opportunity to also rise up to more profoundly appreciate them as valuable life lessons.

The 366 days of gratitude that I’ve been writing daily on LinkedIn, helped me to transform my clarity toward what I want my professional identity to represent.

I was in a job that I didn’t like. I was working with people that I didn’t agree with. I had a personal life that was negative due to circumstances more in my control than I knew. And, I became stuck in grief after traumatic events that drowned me in an unreality I wouldn’t wish on anyone.

The result is, I was living in a place of trauma, with little clarity on who I had become. I had somehow missed out on huge key life events through my lens of negativity.

As a result, I was attracting negativity rather than what I wanted for my world.

Today, as I begin this new path with this new insight, clarity and vision, I co-create a new business with a new exciting year ahead.

2017 will be a year of success, love, focus, and living my dream life. 

Daly Coaching closed her doors so that The UnWise Owl Company could thrive in her new land of plenty. 

This author has opened the doors to the cage that had bound me to my past. ~K

freedom-is-a-state-of-mindThe Incandescent Lovely Life is one filled with comfort and joy.

A clearing had to happen, but now, the new life of a soul without limits has found her calling.