Too many tabs open …

I chuckled a little when I saw a slew of “writing prompts” on Pinterest. Then, an English teacher asked me to give a one class [35 minutes] talk on what the romance genre was all about. She asked for a couple of writing prompts, plus history of romance, plus industry info. plus… story? Um, not possible. I don’t write Super Bowl commercials! Only a super hero ad-writer can do that.

But that’s a great metaphor for how we CAN simplify what we do. We don’t need “writing prompts”…. who started THAT rumor. We also don’t have writer’s block. Another lie we tell ourselves. We have emotional or psychological road blocks, but with the right sort of mind shifting, we can clear that clutter away soon enough.

Jodi Picoult said it best [paraphrasing], “I don’t have time for writer’s block, I’m a professional writer”.

There’s the rub.

If you want to become a professional writer (working on it), then, get your butt in the chair and write. It’s your job.

I did that for a LONG time. Started. Stopped. Started. Stopped. Too many tabs open. Too many things I wanted to do at once. All the wrong people around. All the right people… at my fingertips, but said, “I can’t, I have to….”. (Excuses. Excuses.)

I had about 100 tabs open in my head all the time. Social media to news feeds to friend links to research to other nonsensical stuff to keeping tabs on my kids to my favorite avoidance …. cats!


I mean…. come on! Who wouldn’t want to find a cat that looks like that? I saved her to Pinterest as part of my cat vision board.

Here’s the healthy girl’s guide to the writing profession:

Close the tabs.

Go outside.

Stop main lining coffee after 3 in the afternoon.

Sugar is NOT your friend.

Tell everyone else (yes, even the toddler) to get out, your writing. Ok, well, technically, hire someone else to hang with said baby. Or, trade babysitting, or nap time is writing time, or, get up at 4 am, or go to bed at 2 am…. but sacred writing time is sacred.

Speaking of. SLEEP! It’s your brain food.

Meditate. I became a Reiki Master in order to get back into my head space. Now, I do Reiki for others as well. That includes distance Reiki if you’re interested. 😉

Finally (most importantly), what you do for a living is the envy of all others. Well, okay, maybe not, unless you hit the best seller lists and everyone knows your dollar signs, then, it’s amazing how fast people want to get in your limo with you.

This is up to you, but, if they can’t ride the bus while your limo’s broken down, do you really want them to be in that limo?

Personally, I don’t like limo’s. They’re weird. I do like authentic, genuine, trusted friends who support me no matter what my fiscal health looks like.

Susan Wiggs once gave me a little piggy bank with wings. On the side it read, “Writer’s retirement”. I still have it. Yes, I just name dropped Susan Wiggs. And, she drove away from that conference in a VERY nice black BMW SUV, so …. I figure, she must have a LOT of flying pigs sitting somewhere. Not a bad gig if you can get it.

She’s flown to the top of her game. Me? I have had too many tabs open for too many years. Image result for pigs flying piggy bank

Time to shut the tabs and get those little suckers back in the barn, so they can collect some cash! How’s that for a writing prompt. Creating your dream job, then doing it! What would THAT look like? Only you can write that.


Writer. Person.

No tag lines or clever endings. Just Do It is already taken.

IF you have any interest in a writer with mad Reiki skills & laser like life coaching techniques…. I’m around.






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