Write it! Even if it’s gobbledygook

How do you want to liveI’m a practicing Reiki Master who uses words, all words, like tools in a carpenter’s toolbox. If I need them, I take them out with confidence. If I don’t, I leave them alone with the same mastery.

I’m also a practicing life coach. I’m a practicing artist, and writer and life long learner.

Just recently, I saw an interview between Brene Brown and Oprah (both of whom I adore). They were talking about the best teachers. They both agreed that the best teachers are also forever students.

Those who realize that they must always be open to learning new things, are the ones who are going to succeed at teaching.

My last teaching experience was frustrating at least, and maddening at best. I felt like some surreal Alice after the rabbit hole, but before the tea party. The entire experience drained me at a fragile place in my emotional life. I wasn’t mentally tough enough. I wasn’t grounded or centered enough. I wasn’t prepared for the curt, sharp, or rude. All three blind sided me. I became unhealthy as that one year assignment dredged on.

I questioned myself. I take ownership of the entire experience because I didn’t put my foot down, or stand up tall enough and even though I sought help, it felt like a hamster on a wheel. My words didn’t go anywhere. It was a bad fit from the beginning. I could say a lot about the place, or the people, but what good would that do? It just wasn’t for me, and my psychosocial emotional health suffered as a result.

The thing that I learned? To let it go (it was painful, and hurtful, but wounds heal).

But, as Rafiki said, “It is in the past”. 

We live, we learn.

Then, we get back up again and live some more. 

Yesterday was a down day. Today will be an up day. It ebbs and flows. Our oceans have been teaching us this principle for years! The mountains have too, but more subtly.

Be it writing or exercising for the first time (again) or practicing a new art, dive in!

If you’re a writer who needs a prompt, then you’ve let go of your childhood. Pick up a rock, turn it into an alien, or a monster, or imagine the hill it came from, or the treasure buried deep inside.

I just told a bunch of kids in a high school English class that Game of Thrones is really a love story. It is! Those people are doing everything they are doing for the love of themselves, the love of family names, the love of each other, the love of warring in order to find peace.

It doesn’t matter what you write as long as you write. Don’t worry about what people think when they read it. That has nothing to do with you as a writer.

It doesn’t matter where you think your typing is going to take the story, as long as the story is willing to go where you want it to, but usually, once you’re in the flow of things, it’s more like that story is going to take you for a ride you didn’t know existed.

You can set out with a blank sheet of paper, a pen, and silly words you make up on the spot. Then, figure out what they mean. Then, use them in a sentence. Follow that by attaching them to an object, person or place. Are they adjectives? Nouns? Pronouns? Verbs?

Get those little silly words working for you. I myself am on an endless quest to replace my potty mouth words with something more charming. It’s a process. I like saying, “fuck” but wince when I hear other people say it.

Weird, right?!

756a59eeabdae7b86dea3f7e1c93a270The point is …. people throughout time have asked the classic question, “How do I write a book?”, the classic answer is, “sit your ass down in a chair and write”.

Or, er, some variation of that, with or without sass.


Happy Writing!

That’s what I’ll be doing today too.

Daly KH

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