FINALLY… my elevator speech

So, years ago, when I was struggling with my personal life while forging a new identity in the life coaching industry, I kept hearing, “get an elevator speech”, “get an elevator speech”….. I don’t do “talk” shop in elevators. The very thought of the idea made me cringe. I’m an ambivert so can happily spend days, weeks, months… never talking to a single person. I hear my tribe (writers) talking about this all the time.

I’m also a Jabberwocky, so… can talk a mile a minute while telling a story. Yes, it is possible for a great listener to also be a great talker. That’s what introverted extroverts OR, extroverted introverts do. We’re ambidextrous with our thought patterns & social skills. Not all people fit in the same cookie cutter box of crayons.

sorry…. too many metaphors happened to my brain all at once. 

Also, broken crayons still color (my favorite quote, don’t know who said it first). Anywho… so I struggled with the elevator speech. Now I know why.

I didn’t FEEL like a business person. I didn’t FEEL connected to the art of coaching, though I did have the technical stuff down. I did have the training (4 years worth actually). I did have the book in the queue (still do…. it’s coming when I want it to be released). I had all of it, except… that damn speech that I learned to resent.

Now, I get it and have it. I needed clarity on who I am in relation TO the speech. Yeah, some squirrels need to get hit in the head with a few nuts before moving on to softer fare.

Here it is:

The mission of Henry Healing  is to create community, comfort and clarity through kindness with a holistic approach to positive balance. 


  • One sentence (perfect length)
  • Not too sappy or nauseatingly corny (hate that)
  • Explains my professional identity (when I’m not writing fiction or painting something)
  • I can memorize it (and still look myself in the mirror without saying, ‘wtf’)
  • I KNOW the soft skills stuff. I have to learn the hard core, “It’s not personal, it’s business” part of the business.

So what now? On to boating school Mrs. Puff!

Oh wait, that was Sponge Bob. But basically, I feel like Sponge Bob on most days. So, it applies. I’m starting my life all over again. That takes work and laser like focus on what’s missing. I’m now convinced that I’ve been both under the sea in this world that went full speed ahead, while I was floating around in a dingy, watching kid’s shows. It took me a LONG time to realize that my only awareness of the world was from the perspective of my kid’s reality. When I re-entered the world of grown ups…. honestly, I didn’t like what I saw. I wanted to go back. Childhood is SO much more fun than adulting.

is hard.

direction of the wind and sailsNow? I’m adjusting the sails to meet the wind, rather than doing what I was doing for the first three years as a solo parent/person… fighting with the wind.

That’s what trauma does to you. It sends you so far off course, you have NO idea where you are. 

Focusing on strengths helps to raise awareness on one’s limitations. Boating school, in my case, is actually business school.

This is just the beginning.

NOW….. back to writing and art!

Warm Wishes!

Daly Henry Miller, Karen

If you’d like to follow along my journey toward full time writing, art, coaching and general tom foolery, here’s my social media stuff. Clarity & Transparency are a good way to keep the boogie man at bay.


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