The UnWise Owl needed a nest. Henry Healing is that space.

Yes. I make bird humor metaphors. I’m not sorry. There’s a lot to learn about life. Doing so while also having a bit of fun with the love of life is the goal for all of it isn’t it? Yes. I have a corny sense of humor and think that Monty Python is genius. I still wish Amy Poehler and Tina Fey would run for President. There’s still hope. I am not sorry. I find brilliance in the ridiculous. Joy in the little things. To me, calling my business and books the UN-wise owl is genius & hilarious. In a dry, corny, *sigh if you don’t get it* sort of way.

amy-poehlerFor YEARS I’ve wanted to write the “what not to wear in a relationship” book. I have TERRIBLE taste in men. Horrible. DUMB mistakes. Clearly bad at it. Except three. I have been blessed with exactly 3 males who have been the sunshine of my life.

  1. My son who is the most extraordinary male on the planet.
  2. My bff who doesn’t make sense to anyone else (none of anyone’s business)  and yet brother by another mother trusted friend.
  3. Jesus. ‘Nuff said there.


All others? Nope. They live in the land of nope.

abraham-maslowI’m not talking about work colleagues or casual acquaintances. We don’t know them well enough to trust them with our precious cargo (our hearts or thoughts). And nor should we. Every man I ever gave my precious cargo to, tossed it out the window and backed over it with his truck before moving on to the next sucker. S’it’s all good now. But damn that stuff hurts when it’s happening.


Every female should balance her life with a male buddy. Gender fluid or otherwise. No matter. Estrogen and Testosterone flows in all of us. Balance has a lot to do with it.

**This is the topic of the book I’m working on now under Karen Daly**

But I digress. The world is a kaleidoscope of experiences. Human beings are no different. The tone of our lives ~ personal & professional; the meaning of the work we do; the management of our homes and the aesthetic practical daily living… all of it… all of it has a place. When we’re out of balance, we become the stressed out, cranky sods who hate life.

Science of Psychology

I spent the better part of a decade studying at the doctoral level in how to apply a positive psychology to the lives of individuals. Abraham Maslow coined the term in the ’50’s. Martin Seligman made it popular in the 90’s. Today, it’s exploded. It’s not new. Ancient philosophers of both Eastern and Western civilizations were the first to write about the art of living well, living a good life, a balanced life, a meaningful life. None of it is new. Applying it in the holistic practice of healing …. also not new. yin yang, bad good black white.jpg

Science of Aesthetics

I love to write, to create, to discover what I can or can’t do. We don’t know unless we try something out. I’ve just done so very publicly for the past few years. I’m not ashamed of my failures. Failures are simply part of the learning curve.

In truth, everyone’s going to immediately jet to the internet to see what they can find out about someone. Those same people will automatically question the sanity of the individual who puts everything out there on the net for all the world to see.

Know what survivors do? They stand and fight. Know what thrivers do? They never apologize, or feel shame for what didn’t work. 

As a matter of fact, successful people are just as happy with the glob of clay that fell off the wheel as the perfect pot that made it to the kiln. Why? Because the glob is a talisman of where they were compared to the piece that makes it to the museum. It’s a lot like life itself.paint-this-2

Hold onto what you love. It’s nobody’s right to take any part of your life away from you.

That’s how Henry Healing became the space where the UnWise Owl will thrive. I needed an office. I needed to not ignore all those years of schooling and practice. I needed not to ignore the manifestation of a ‘wish’. I wanted to create a space of both science and art.

The logical meets the illogical. The playground for creativity.


Henry Healing featuring the UnWise Owl is the manifestation of the realization that nothing ever worked because I wasn’t doing what I wanted or should have been doing.

I’m so delighted and thrilled to be creating a holistic health practice where I can write, create, art, and explore new ways to help others do the same.

The UnWise Owl Companion is my 1st featured book on the shelf. The 7 principles are pretty simple.


Love your life. Be you. Everyone else will adjust. 

Peace & Love




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