In a single moment …

Lucy. Love yourself represents a writer and artist who expresses herself through whimsy and fun. The evolution is described in the first installment of the UnWise Owl Companion.

That is how we build our world. One brick at a time. A successful woman uses the bricks thrown at her by her offenders to build an entirely new life.

Buddha, Begin again.jpg

The UnWise Owl and Murray’s companion is all about Comfort & Joy. The evolution has found a forever home, but no truly great journey is without road blocks, pot holes, bumps, hard days of rain, and soft days of clarity.


I know why I went through so much heartache, darkness, fear, anxiety, and trauma. I know that mountain now. I’ve been called to help others navigate the terrain of change.

A whole person understands the balance.


I’ve been busy over this past year. Opening the UnWise Owl featuring the writing of Karen Daly has been building the foundation.

Now, to build the empire on that foundation. I’ve just opened Henry Healing, a holistic health and wellness center. I now specialize in Reiki ~ Coaching ~ Life & Death Doula.

Just to be clear, I’ve found a way to enjoy my creative side as a fiction writer and artist while also working on helping and healing with my academic training.

Why do both?

Because I want to. has chosen to donate 20% of all sales of books & art to local charities that provide direct care to women and children.


I’ve also opened a Facebook page for the Henry Healing. You’re welcome to follow.

Life has a funny way of forcing us to take a good, long, hard look at ourselves.

I for one am forever grateful for climbing the Mt. Everest of emotional roller coasters. The good, the bad, the ugly, the stupid, the holy shit that sucks, and then… the gentler, kinder, sweeter experiences that settled on my shoulder to introduce me to my angels.

This is life. A whole person approach to celebrating the fact that

  1. We can do anything we want
  2. We can find our courage in our creativity
  3. We can be peace loving beings who also say f*ck a lot.
  4. Above all else, a great sense of humor heals all wounds.

Friday the 10th, I’m hosting a Facebook Live event from 7 pm to 9 pm to launch the virtual Henry Healing business. You’re welcome if your nice. I’ll block you if your naughty.


It’s all…. all of it …. about Comfort & Joy, Kindness & Love, Peace & Productive People.

p.s…. the meme’s are all saved to the UnWise Owl Companion on my Pinterest page.


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