Stillness & the practice of Reiki

If you’ve ever met me in person, you’d think, “she’s a Reiki Master now?” Say what???

Yep. I’m not a still person. Hyper as they come on occasion, though cutting down on coffee really helps that. No, I won’t be giving it up, pft! Are you mad?!!! 🙂 It’s my only vise at the moment.

I’m me, being me and for the first time in 50 years, super happy to live authentically, without apologies or excuses, or bending my own methodology for living life to someone else’s script. This is the freedom of the open cage door.

What I am? What I’ve fought hard for? What I’ve achieved through mastery? To be calm in the chaos. I have found my Zen in the chaos of my life.

I am peaceful through pain in my journey trough the rain. I am connected and co-created through my spiritual journey. I am a hard earned thriver with grit, determination, blood, sweet and tears.

No one discipline can define the total human experience. No human untouched by suffering can ever know the pure bliss of empathy, compassion, deep appreciation for life itself. We either sit in the darkness or seek out the light.

And I do it all through my passion for finding what I was searching for. Peace.

Now, I bring it to others. That body of knowledge collected over two decades of a 25 year journey.


Please feel free to join my journey through what I like to think of as post cards of sharing and caring over on my Pinterest pages (Instagram to follow).

Also, if you’re interested in Distance Reiki, I’ll be posting how you can contact me for that this weekend. We’re still shopping for the perfect face to face space for now. And I don’t do door to door. Though way back in my girl scout phase, I owned those cookies like a boss! The old fashioned way. By myself, on foot, without my parent’s workplace to help me.

I’m a real life, authentic, old school, DIY sort of girl, and I’m damn proud of it.

Warm Wishes from the house of the UnWise Owl!



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