Hurricanes. Fires. Earth Quakes. Feuds. Anger. Rage. Fear. Terror. Bombs. Humans acting like … well, I can’t say animals, because animals don’t rationalize and choose the way we do. Chaos! Humans are behaving badly. We lean hard on the news. Even in social media, we’re focusing intensely on the tragedy, death, dismay and all things horror.

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Total and utter Chaos! Nobody’s making any sense any more.

The world is shifting.

Maybe, Henny Penny was right? Is the sky in fact falling?


Write it all down. All of it. Write it into your fiction. Write it into your non-fiction. Take notes. Pay attention. Notice everything.

I don’t say any of this out of disrespect for the victims of said chaos and trauma, but out of the realization that all of human kind for as long as we have had communication have been the people who have been the shepherds of our historical events. In 200 and maybe in 2000 years, it could be your writing that is studied.

Mind blown! Right!?

Not really.

A human being wrote those cave symbols on cave walls. Charles Dickens taught us about our humanity when in dire times. The “A” team wrote the Bible. Humans, regardless of inspiration or message, have been recording history since the sticks and stones era.

Just …

Don’t leave out the good stuff. Don’t ONLY write about the bad stuff. Don’t ONLY focus on it either.

Find your balance. A keeper of details needs that to stay whole. 

Make sure that you notice the small stuff too. Make sure that random acts of kindness, no matter how small get into those pages. Make sure you include sacrifices, and loving gestures of hope.

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Even in the best horror there are also miraculous acts that remind us that we are all human. We have the dichotomy of choice that creates the authentic image of who we are.

When I write (fiction and non), I always try to find the good in the bad and the bad in the good. When we give our storytelling depth and dimension beyond the obvious, it’s better writing.


When we pay attention to motive, motivation, the deep end of our own emotions, we give ourselves permission to feel everything. 

When we stay in a surface level shallow pool- panic because we’re all acting like the sky is falling; all we can do is make irrational, impulsive, insincere decisions.

In writing, to eliminate an entire set of feelings because they scare us, or make us feel bad, we’re only ever going to write from one perspective.

Dive deeply into the truth of the catastrophe. Notice where the light shines in on the darkest of days. Notice the darkness in all that blinding optimism.

Oh, about that blinding optimism, with all the shiny, happy people posting impossible beautiful lies about how deliriously happy and perfect they are all the time all over their social media … know this. That is the surface. What happens when a person treads water for too long? Yep. That’s right. They drown.

Learn how to swim. Learn how to delve deeply into the beautiful mess that is life. 

Release the Kraken

Disney’s Kraken

Most important? Learn how to live comfortably in all of your emotions. Including the darkness. Including the fear, the rage, the sorrow, the terrifying.

Then, write for you. Write for yourself first. Stay in that moment of indulgence of your story (fiction and non) before releasing your Kraken onto the world.

Not all monsters are as terrifying as they seem in your mind.

That includes your epic novel. That includes that thing YOU, the writer are most terrified of. That includes the world.

So far and right now … the sky is not falling … everywhere. It’s certainly causing chaos for some people. There are ways to feel better about the natural disasters. Become a documentary worthy note taker. You can help by spreading the word, bring notice to their plight.

You are the story tellers. You are the bards. This is a writer on writing piece of advice that will help you to normalize all of the crazy. Keep it real. 

Disasters? Horrible! Sad! Terrible!

They also offer us the opportunity to find the hope, the love, the extension of honor, the miraculous, the sane in an otherwise insane series of humans questioning our reality.

Write it all down and keep records of all of it. The human story. The animal kingdom. All of it.

At the end of the day, it’s entirely up to each individual to recognize their own story, and story is all it is. We create stories in our minds in order to cope with whatever it is that life threw at us.

We can change our story at any given moment. We can edit our own endings.

When you see a natural disaster that directly affects 7,000 people, know that there are now 7,000 versions of the story. They all have the disaster in common, but each is unique to the person who experienced this.

You don’t need a “writing prompt” or “inspiration” from someone else’s life. You are your own writing prompt and inspiration. You just have to be brave enough to get into your own head and feel all the feels.

That’s what a writer does. They live out the lives of 7,000 people all at one time. It’s a hell of a day job, but we all know, we wouldn’t want it any other way.

Peace & love of writing!


p.s… the memes are on Google Images & MY day job for the moment is as a holistic life coach. I work with “feelin’ the feels” when I’m not writing about feeling all the feels. Or, feeling them. 🙂 I am an emotional creature. I weep. I celebrate. I have experienced sorrow and pain. I have experienced miracles. Me? I live for the miracles. I help others on the path of the pain. That is how humans survive.

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The Sky is Falling! ~ The Sky is Falling!

Celebrate your fellow authors

One of my favorite things about being a member of Romance Writer’s of America is how much these individuals work together to celebrate one another’s wins.

I joined them in 2004. In every speech, every award, every story shared, I hear a little part of my own story. Last night, the RWA National conference happened (is happening all this weekend). I watched the live stream from home. Couldn’t make it to Orlando this year.

It’s been a tough couple of years, but if you’re an author, tough years are usually part of the fabric of your story. It means that you are daring to live a bold life unafraid of ‘words’ or story or experiences.

Image result for Women who write romance, quote

If you are an author in any genre, becoming part of a larger writer’s organization is what you make it out to be.

There were years where I jumped in with both feet, to actively become involved with volunteering. Other years, I didn’t do anything.

Being part of the organization is a long term relationship. It’s a long term strategy. If you’re lucky, it’s the beginning of beautiful long term friendships with people who get your ‘weird’.

The people who write in the romance genre are the ultimate feminists, champions of humanity, lovers of the arts, keepers of story, crafters of worlds upon which we escape a sometimes tricky reality. They motivate us, inspire us, and encourage us to keep moving forward with the very idea, the very notion that at the end of the day, LOVE is what heals us. 

Most of the people in the publishing industry who are authentically there to make this a living, are all really open and good people.

We come from all walks of life, nationalities, races, ages, sizes, and the demographic regions lend to who says, “Hey, wadda-gonna-do?” to “Bless your heart” with that sweet as cream Southern charm.

No matter what state or country you come from, it’s a sisterhood with a sprinkling of guys who write about mutually satisfying endings. It’s a love affair with a career.

It’s a career that we know is challenging and hard. We go into it because we have to. We’re called to it. We can’t think of anything else we’d rather be doing than writing. It’s a passion. And, in many cases, it doesn’t always pay well in monetary gain. Some of the more successful authors know this, so offer their story, their advice, and their time to the fledgling authors for free.

I’ve met people at their first book contract, friended them online, and the next thing I know, they’re winning a RITA for best book.

**For those reading who don’t know what a RITA is, it’s an Oscar for romance writers**.

I’ve seen writers get married, have children, have second children and forth, fifth, and even 100 book-milestones met. I’ve seen hardship scholarships given out to encourage the writers to keep going. And, I’ve participated in organizing national reader’s choice contests where I was the lucky one to give the “congratulations” calls to the winners.

Being a member of an organization made up primarily of introverted or shy people who love their solitude has been at times, a life line in the pursuit of happiness for thousands and thousands of people with a creative mind, and a solitary life. I’ve been one of those people. I am one of those people.

I’ve had a dual career and an uneasy life. My favorite quote is, “God never said you’d have an easy life”. It’s true. But when you’re doing what you love, it’s a life with meaning and purpose and joy.

Here’s to all the members of RWA. It’s a sisterhood (dudes included) that’s hard to explain to the 9-5 set. It’s a brotherhood of ‘weird’ in the most normal of professions.

Being a writer fits like a familiar skin to me. I know that just by writing that, about 10,000+ other people reading this will say, “Yep” and they’ll get me.

That’s why we stay. That’s what we get out of the membership. We share a common vision in an uncommon profession that benefits millions of readers around the world.

RWA, I salute you and celebrate with you all. Enjoy your conference! See you in Denver in 2018! Warm Wishes, love and peace!

You help me set goals for my work just by being you.

I’m sharing the 2017 Gold Heart awards from yesterday. Congratulations to the best of the best first time authors. 

Image result for RITA, RWA 2017

To follow along on their YouTube channel for all the stuff celebrating the BEST career ever …. click here on this link. RWA YouTube.


Karen Daly, Author

Karen also works as a holistic life coach and Reiki Master with her little shop around the corner, called Henry Healing; * is an international blogger in the field of existential positive psychology; *& I’m a Mom blogger @ Phewy! #MaBlog, writing about what it is to be a Mom who is almost empty nesting.

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Too many tabs open …

I chuckled a little when I saw a slew of “writing prompts” on Pinterest. Then, an English teacher asked me to give a one class [35 minutes] talk on what the romance genre was all about. She asked for a couple of writing prompts, plus history of romance, plus industry info. plus… story? Um, not possible. I don’t write Super Bowl commercials! Only a super hero ad-writer can do that.

But that’s a great metaphor for how we CAN simplify what we do. We don’t need “writing prompts”…. who started THAT rumor. We also don’t have writer’s block. Another lie we tell ourselves. We have emotional or psychological road blocks, but with the right sort of mind shifting, we can clear that clutter away soon enough.

Jodi Picoult said it best [paraphrasing], “I don’t have time for writer’s block, I’m a professional writer”.

There’s the rub.

If you want to become a professional writer (working on it), then, get your butt in the chair and write. It’s your job.

I did that for a LONG time. Started. Stopped. Started. Stopped. Too many tabs open. Too many things I wanted to do at once. All the wrong people around. All the right people… at my fingertips, but said, “I can’t, I have to….”. (Excuses. Excuses.)

I had about 100 tabs open in my head all the time. Social media to news feeds to friend links to research to other nonsensical stuff to keeping tabs on my kids to my favorite avoidance …. cats!


I mean…. come on! Who wouldn’t want to find a cat that looks like that? I saved her to Pinterest as part of my cat vision board.

Here’s the healthy girl’s guide to the writing profession:

Close the tabs.

Go outside.

Stop main lining coffee after 3 in the afternoon.

Sugar is NOT your friend.

Tell everyone else (yes, even the toddler) to get out, your writing. Ok, well, technically, hire someone else to hang with said baby. Or, trade babysitting, or nap time is writing time, or, get up at 4 am, or go to bed at 2 am…. but sacred writing time is sacred.

Speaking of. SLEEP! It’s your brain food.

Meditate. I became a Reiki Master in order to get back into my head space. Now, I do Reiki for others as well. That includes distance Reiki if you’re interested. 😉

Finally (most importantly), what you do for a living is the envy of all others. Well, okay, maybe not, unless you hit the best seller lists and everyone knows your dollar signs, then, it’s amazing how fast people want to get in your limo with you.

This is up to you, but, if they can’t ride the bus while your limo’s broken down, do you really want them to be in that limo?

Personally, I don’t like limo’s. They’re weird. I do like authentic, genuine, trusted friends who support me no matter what my fiscal health looks like.

Susan Wiggs once gave me a little piggy bank with wings. On the side it read, “Writer’s retirement”. I still have it. Yes, I just name dropped Susan Wiggs. And, she drove away from that conference in a VERY nice black BMW SUV, so …. I figure, she must have a LOT of flying pigs sitting somewhere. Not a bad gig if you can get it.

She’s flown to the top of her game. Me? I have had too many tabs open for too many years. Image result for pigs flying piggy bank

Time to shut the tabs and get those little suckers back in the barn, so they can collect some cash! How’s that for a writing prompt. Creating your dream job, then doing it! What would THAT look like? Only you can write that.


Writer. Person.

No tag lines or clever endings. Just Do It is already taken.

IF you have any interest in a writer with mad Reiki skills & laser like life coaching techniques…. I’m around.





Write it! Even if it’s gobbledygook

How do you want to liveI’m a practicing Reiki Master who uses words, all words, like tools in a carpenter’s toolbox. If I need them, I take them out with confidence. If I don’t, I leave them alone with the same mastery.

I’m also a practicing life coach. I’m a practicing artist, and writer and life long learner.

Just recently, I saw an interview between Brene Brown and Oprah (both of whom I adore). They were talking about the best teachers. They both agreed that the best teachers are also forever students.

Those who realize that they must always be open to learning new things, are the ones who are going to succeed at teaching.

My last teaching experience was frustrating at least, and maddening at best. I felt like some surreal Alice after the rabbit hole, but before the tea party. The entire experience drained me at a fragile place in my emotional life. I wasn’t mentally tough enough. I wasn’t grounded or centered enough. I wasn’t prepared for the curt, sharp, or rude. All three blind sided me. I became unhealthy as that one year assignment dredged on.

I questioned myself. I take ownership of the entire experience because I didn’t put my foot down, or stand up tall enough and even though I sought help, it felt like a hamster on a wheel. My words didn’t go anywhere. It was a bad fit from the beginning. I could say a lot about the place, or the people, but what good would that do? It just wasn’t for me, and my psychosocial emotional health suffered as a result.

The thing that I learned? To let it go (it was painful, and hurtful, but wounds heal).

But, as Rafiki said, “It is in the past”. 

We live, we learn.

Then, we get back up again and live some more. 

Yesterday was a down day. Today will be an up day. It ebbs and flows. Our oceans have been teaching us this principle for years! The mountains have too, but more subtly.

Be it writing or exercising for the first time (again) or practicing a new art, dive in!

If you’re a writer who needs a prompt, then you’ve let go of your childhood. Pick up a rock, turn it into an alien, or a monster, or imagine the hill it came from, or the treasure buried deep inside.

I just told a bunch of kids in a high school English class that Game of Thrones is really a love story. It is! Those people are doing everything they are doing for the love of themselves, the love of family names, the love of each other, the love of warring in order to find peace.

It doesn’t matter what you write as long as you write. Don’t worry about what people think when they read it. That has nothing to do with you as a writer.

It doesn’t matter where you think your typing is going to take the story, as long as the story is willing to go where you want it to, but usually, once you’re in the flow of things, it’s more like that story is going to take you for a ride you didn’t know existed.

You can set out with a blank sheet of paper, a pen, and silly words you make up on the spot. Then, figure out what they mean. Then, use them in a sentence. Follow that by attaching them to an object, person or place. Are they adjectives? Nouns? Pronouns? Verbs?

Get those little silly words working for you. I myself am on an endless quest to replace my potty mouth words with something more charming. It’s a process. I like saying, “fuck” but wince when I hear other people say it.

Weird, right?!

756a59eeabdae7b86dea3f7e1c93a270The point is …. people throughout time have asked the classic question, “How do I write a book?”, the classic answer is, “sit your ass down in a chair and write”.

Or, er, some variation of that, with or without sass.


Happy Writing!

That’s what I’ll be doing today too.

Daly KH

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p.s… ALL meme’s are saved to my Pinterest boards Clarity or The UnWise Owl Companion. You’re welcome to check them out too.


Writer on Writing

Have you written a book? You’re a writer. Do you have ideas for new works of fiction, followed by writing them down, followed by turning them into a tangible story? You’re a writer. Do you think about where, when, and how you’re going to get some writing in during the day? You’re a writer.

Yep. Even before you let someone else read it. The debate? Do you tell people that you’re a writer. Someone told me to. I no longer agree. The general not-so-well-wishing public were pretty shitty about the fact that I hadn’t published. If you have good people who love and support you, then, YES, tell them. If you have asshats who will mock you no matter what (that was my case), don’t tell them anything! As a matter of fact, why are you even still talking to them? writinghayes.jpg

Getting published means that you’re a published writer. Getting on some list somewhere means, a. you’re lucky, b. you have friends in the right places, or c. you’re really good at writing and publishing.

Do you have a bucket (wall, hook, folder, drawer, etc.) full of rejection letters that for whatever reason, you either kept or ceremoniously burn? Yep! Writer.

Do you take your rejections with a grain of sand, then dust off the page to begin again? Writing for writing sake? You’re a writer. IF your feelings are hurt by the rejections (the 1st few sting a bit, and sometimes have ‘mean’ or ‘snark’ in them)…. the skin toughens with time.

Are you going to let your critics beat you into never writing again? Well, I can help coach you through that fatal flaw (fatal, because that means your words will have died). I was there once upon a time. I beat that monster. Screw them!

1e79dc738cd17cf2dc344e26e75c2b19.jpgCritics of your genre? Sure! There are going to be critics of your writing, your genre, your voice (writer’s voice, everyone has one) and the way your book looks on a shelf. The world is FULL of critics. My personal favorites? Those who have never written a word but have TONS of advice about how to write a book.

My response? Oh, so you’re a nurse? Awesome. Know what? How about you don’t give me advice how to write, and I won’t give you advice about where to stick that needle. Oh, you’re a neurosurgeon? Fire fighter? Custodian? Psychologist (well, I can give some expert advice there too)…. um, financial analyst? (you get the picture)….. same thing.

The meme I like to quote the most?  “Be You. Everyone else is taken”.

  1. We all have something we’re experts at. Or, really, really good at. Be that. Stick with that.
  2. Part of being a writer is you’re also a professional reader. Read. Seriously. A lot.
  3. Part of being a writer is to stay weird. As weird as you want to get the power juices flowing in that noodle of yours.
  4. Write as much as you’d like, as often as you like.
  5. Find your writer tribe. I have several. I’m weird as hell. Now, I know that so are they. I don’t spend a lot of time with people who don’t get me. I almost let the non-weirdo-non-writer-types crush my spirit. Then, I went to a couple of writer conferences. It was an instant shift in reality that I’m not the only one who thought that way.


Writer’s who are mega writers are still people. That means, they are human beings with feelings, a job, a family, interests outside of writing. Maybe, don’t ask them to read your book. Maybe, “friend” them to learn from them, more than push your junk in their face. They will not push their junk in your face. NEVER ask another writer to edit/publish/read/review your work without knowing them. NEVER tell a professional writer what to do to make it better. This is the stuff of silence as the response. If you want that… do that incurable rude stuff. I promise they will “un” friend you quickly.

BUT….. break the rules, deconstruct all you want…. mash it up, twist it about… most important…. don’t be afraid of words…. they are your tools.

Play nice. Be polite. Treat others well or play nice. Remember your manners. Seek the answers BEFORE asking the sophomoric questions out of laziness, knowing that the more basic questions have been asked a thousand times before. If there are writers you want to be friends with but they are jerks, writer’s are people. Some people are jerks. It’s okay. More of them are cool.

MOST of all….. find your write time to write (that was a pun). Get used to puns, metaphors and OH…… people who will try to sell you their “best course ever” on writing.

Think of the advice that Santa Clause gave to Buddy the Elf in the movie Elf. There’s some stuff that SHOULD be common sense.

Then, find your own path. Don’t always trust the people who are eager to help you. They may light you on fire and steal your work. I know! It’s happened to me twice.

If you’re serious about writing. Remember, it’s a business first. A passion driven business, but the successful writer’s know it’s also their business.

IF you LOVE to write…… welcome to the club. IF you want to write but don’t, then you know what to do. IF you have “all these great ideas”….. well, nobody can help you with that unless you are a celebrity OR, make a sex tape.

I’ve met a LOT of writers. Most of them? Well, they’re probably not going to make a sex tape, but then…. they are the #1 people who will NOT be afraid to talk about it.

MY writer tribe work in the romance genre. They’re not afraid to wear tiaras OR talk about sex tapes. OH, and did I mention that most of them are HIGHLY intelligent, well educated, SMART and funny women?

OH…. and for Pete’s sake … do NOT, and I repeat… NEVER … think that you have to be perfect. Strive for it. It’s a good goal to be flawless … but it will also drive you mad. Perfectionists are missing something to.

Have fun writing. Life’s too short to be spending all of your breaths on something you hate.


Owner, Practitioner

Henry Healing (Reiki/Psychology based Life Coach, Writer and Artist)

Facebook (Author page): @KarenDalyAuthor

Facebook (Reiki/Coach page): @HenryHealingReikiCoach

p.s…. as I’m writing this, I’m watching Facebook live… April the giraffe is giving birth. It’s quite a spectacular thing to behold. Don’t judge.


FINALLY… my elevator speech

So, years ago, when I was struggling with my personal life while forging a new identity in the life coaching industry, I kept hearing, “get an elevator speech”, “get an elevator speech”….. I don’t do “talk” shop in elevators. The very thought of the idea made me cringe. I’m an ambivert so can happily spend days, weeks, months… never talking to a single person. I hear my tribe (writers) talking about this all the time.

I’m also a Jabberwocky, so… can talk a mile a minute while telling a story. Yes, it is possible for a great listener to also be a great talker. That’s what introverted extroverts OR, extroverted introverts do. We’re ambidextrous with our thought patterns & social skills. Not all people fit in the same cookie cutter box of crayons.

sorry…. too many metaphors happened to my brain all at once. 

Also, broken crayons still color (my favorite quote, don’t know who said it first). Anywho… so I struggled with the elevator speech. Now I know why.

I didn’t FEEL like a business person. I didn’t FEEL connected to the art of coaching, though I did have the technical stuff down. I did have the training (4 years worth actually). I did have the book in the queue (still do…. it’s coming when I want it to be released). I had all of it, except… that damn speech that I learned to resent.

Now, I get it and have it. I needed clarity on who I am in relation TO the speech. Yeah, some squirrels need to get hit in the head with a few nuts before moving on to softer fare.

Here it is:

The mission of Henry Healing  is to create community, comfort and clarity through kindness with a holistic approach to positive balance. 


  • One sentence (perfect length)
  • Not too sappy or nauseatingly corny (hate that)
  • Explains my professional identity (when I’m not writing fiction or painting something)
  • I can memorize it (and still look myself in the mirror without saying, ‘wtf’)
  • I KNOW the soft skills stuff. I have to learn the hard core, “It’s not personal, it’s business” part of the business.

So what now? On to boating school Mrs. Puff!

Oh wait, that was Sponge Bob. But basically, I feel like Sponge Bob on most days. So, it applies. I’m starting my life all over again. That takes work and laser like focus on what’s missing. I’m now convinced that I’ve been both under the sea in this world that went full speed ahead, while I was floating around in a dingy, watching kid’s shows. It took me a LONG time to realize that my only awareness of the world was from the perspective of my kid’s reality. When I re-entered the world of grown ups…. honestly, I didn’t like what I saw. I wanted to go back. Childhood is SO much more fun than adulting.

is hard.

direction of the wind and sailsNow? I’m adjusting the sails to meet the wind, rather than doing what I was doing for the first three years as a solo parent/person… fighting with the wind.

That’s what trauma does to you. It sends you so far off course, you have NO idea where you are. 

Focusing on strengths helps to raise awareness on one’s limitations. Boating school, in my case, is actually business school.

This is just the beginning.

NOW….. back to writing and art!

Warm Wishes!

Daly Henry Miller, Karen

If you’d like to follow along my journey toward full time writing, art, coaching and general tom foolery, here’s my social media stuff. Clarity & Transparency are a good way to keep the boogie man at bay.

The UnWise Owl needed a nest. Henry Healing is that space.

Yes. I make bird humor metaphors. I’m not sorry. There’s a lot to learn about life. Doing so while also having a bit of fun with the love of life is the goal for all of it isn’t it? Yes. I have a corny sense of humor and think that Monty Python is genius. I still wish Amy Poehler and Tina Fey would run for President. There’s still hope. I am not sorry. I find brilliance in the ridiculous. Joy in the little things. To me, calling my business and books the UN-wise owl is genius & hilarious. In a dry, corny, *sigh if you don’t get it* sort of way.

amy-poehlerFor YEARS I’ve wanted to write the “what not to wear in a relationship” book. I have TERRIBLE taste in men. Horrible. DUMB mistakes. Clearly bad at it. Except three. I have been blessed with exactly 3 males who have been the sunshine of my life.

  1. My son who is the most extraordinary male on the planet.
  2. My bff who doesn’t make sense to anyone else (none of anyone’s business)  and yet brother by another mother trusted friend.
  3. Jesus. ‘Nuff said there.


All others? Nope. They live in the land of nope.

abraham-maslowI’m not talking about work colleagues or casual acquaintances. We don’t know them well enough to trust them with our precious cargo (our hearts or thoughts). And nor should we. Every man I ever gave my precious cargo to, tossed it out the window and backed over it with his truck before moving on to the next sucker. S’it’s all good now. But damn that stuff hurts when it’s happening.


Every female should balance her life with a male buddy. Gender fluid or otherwise. No matter. Estrogen and Testosterone flows in all of us. Balance has a lot to do with it.

**This is the topic of the book I’m working on now under Karen Daly**

But I digress. The world is a kaleidoscope of experiences. Human beings are no different. The tone of our lives ~ personal & professional; the meaning of the work we do; the management of our homes and the aesthetic practical daily living… all of it… all of it has a place. When we’re out of balance, we become the stressed out, cranky sods who hate life.

Science of Psychology

I spent the better part of a decade studying at the doctoral level in how to apply a positive psychology to the lives of individuals. Abraham Maslow coined the term in the ’50’s. Martin Seligman made it popular in the 90’s. Today, it’s exploded. It’s not new. Ancient philosophers of both Eastern and Western civilizations were the first to write about the art of living well, living a good life, a balanced life, a meaningful life. None of it is new. Applying it in the holistic practice of healing …. also not new. yin yang, bad good black white.jpg

Science of Aesthetics

I love to write, to create, to discover what I can or can’t do. We don’t know unless we try something out. I’ve just done so very publicly for the past few years. I’m not ashamed of my failures. Failures are simply part of the learning curve.

In truth, everyone’s going to immediately jet to the internet to see what they can find out about someone. Those same people will automatically question the sanity of the individual who puts everything out there on the net for all the world to see.

Know what survivors do? They stand and fight. Know what thrivers do? They never apologize, or feel shame for what didn’t work. 

As a matter of fact, successful people are just as happy with the glob of clay that fell off the wheel as the perfect pot that made it to the kiln. Why? Because the glob is a talisman of where they were compared to the piece that makes it to the museum. It’s a lot like life itself.paint-this-2

Hold onto what you love. It’s nobody’s right to take any part of your life away from you.

That’s how Henry Healing became the space where the UnWise Owl will thrive. I needed an office. I needed to not ignore all those years of schooling and practice. I needed not to ignore the manifestation of a ‘wish’. I wanted to create a space of both science and art.

The logical meets the illogical. The playground for creativity.


Henry Healing featuring the UnWise Owl is the manifestation of the realization that nothing ever worked because I wasn’t doing what I wanted or should have been doing.

I’m so delighted and thrilled to be creating a holistic health practice where I can write, create, art, and explore new ways to help others do the same.

The UnWise Owl Companion is my 1st featured book on the shelf. The 7 principles are pretty simple.


Love your life. Be you. Everyone else will adjust. 

Peace & Love